Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Poetic Expression of Symbolism

This element of Symbolism poetry seems to be the hardest to grasp because the interpretation may vary from reader to reader. These symbols are figures or things mentioned or implied in the poem which means or signifies another thing.

A sword can be used as a symbol of power, violence, justice, and much more depending on how the author used. Wind may symbolize a problem or support. Symbolic interpretation requires a thorough reading and meditating on and off. You may also need to check cross-references in the poem and other works to confirm the meaning of the symbol as shown by the poet.

***symbolism poem1***

Snake in Mouth Symbolism

symbolism poems 1

The snake; in its mouth, its tail
appears on a headstone ordered by mail
signifies an eternal life in heaven
put above the body at eleven
significant grief from the friends
does not cease as life ends
found on the headstones of the deceased
in hopes for their spirit’s forever peace

***symbolism poem2***

my tempo

symbolism poems 2

I'd close my eyes and start to see,
Which was not yet in front of me.
Ill start to type, form a rhyme.
Then continue with my pouting.
These beats I form start to mourn

And show a cried out ego
Hear my tempo slow to time
Then ill march on forward proudly
You've seen my tears, you've heard me cry
But now I'm done with trying

***symbolism poem3***

The Healthy Tree

symbolism poems 3

The healthy tree
Swayed in the wind
And lived many years with the glass half full
But, eventually it came to its death
Now, in the afterlife, its on a marble gravestone
Now, it symbolizes the life of the person below it
The tree lived such a blissful life
As did the person-
The symbol represents the life of a fulfilled, peaceful ...

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